• Little Venice
    Little Venice is a picturesque neighborhood of Mykonos. The houses seem as if they are build on the sea, since the tides lick buildings.
  • Town Hall
    The Town Hall of Mykonos is housed in a classic two-storey 18th century building with a tiled roof.

  • Public Library
    The Public Library is housed in a 18th century mansion in the Agia Kyriaki area and was founded in August 1917.
  • The Windmills of Mykonos
    The Lower Mills are by the sea, southeast of the country. They are white and sea oriented.
  •  The Pelican of Mykonos
    The Pelican is the "mascot" of the island and is walking undisturbed in streets, squares and harbors.
  • Matogianni
    The Matogianni is the busiest backstreet of Mykonos and the most famous market of the island.
  • Other attractions
    There are various monuments which are scattered on the island, like the preserved chapls of Drafaki, the vaulted tomb of the Mycenaean period at Vrisi.
  • Municipal Art Gallery
    The Municipal Art Gallery was formerly the home of the famous Mykonian painter Mary Inglessi.
  • House of Culture & Tradition Studies
    In January 2010 Panagiotis Kousathanas donated to the Municipality of Mykonos the Library Panagiotis Kousathanas.

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