House of Culture & Tradition Studies   

In January 2010 Panagiotis Kousathanas donated to the Municipality of Mykonos the Library Panagiotis Kousathanas - Municipal House of Culture and Tradition Studies.

Panagiotis Kousathanas is a Mykonian Professor of Philology, a writer, a poet and a researcher of Mykonos in general culture issues. For decades he has provided educational work, writing and research, in order to show the world the beauty and the spiritual richness of this island.

For this reason, he donated to the Municipality of Mykonos a property in Lower Mills as well as many things he managed to gather throughout his life, in both artistic and spiritual wealth.

His donation includes:
a) around to 10.000 books, Greek, English and French from the 18th century until today, referred to knowledge and creation in literature (Greek and foreign), history, philosophy, folklore, linguistics, etc.
b) rare books, documents, photographs of the island since the 19th century up until now and general material about the culture and history of Mykonos.
c) a collection of furniture, glassware and ceramics
d) a music archive of rare musical interpretations
e) various opera films, musical works.

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