Other attractions   

There are various monuments which are scattered on the island, like the preserved chapls of Drafaki, the vaulted tomb of the Mycenaean period at Vrisi, the pigeon houeses in various farmhouses, which were made for breeding pigeons.In the countryside many tower ruins are nowadays preserved, such as the ‘Lino Tower’ and the ‘Tower of Portes’ at Platis Gialos with it hewn granite.

Also, old wells with the most famous ‘Well of Giannaros’ used until today, but also parts of prehistoric acropolis at the Kalafatis beach, on the site Dibounia-Tarsanas. Be aware that a visit to the ‘Armenistis Lighthouse’ is well worth. It is located on the cape that bears his name. The lighthouse was built in the 19th century, at the mound of Ftelia and the Paleokastro Hill, one of the two ancient villages of the island.


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