Mykonos Town (Chora)   

Mykonos town (Chora) is the capital of the island and the first image one faces when he is visiting Mykonos.
The architecture of Chora maintains the traditional Cycladic element; white buildings with doors and windows in shades of blue and red.

Characteristics of Mykonos Town are the windmills and numerous churches. In its picturesque harbor various boats and yachts are anchored. The traditional architecture is also preserved in the newer buildings.

The narrow streets are made of cobblestone and painted with lime. The best known of these streets is of course Matogianni! On the shopping mile of Mykonos, you can find shops with designer clothes, jewelry, artwork, coffee bars and restaurants.

Nevertheless it is not the only alley full of life. In countless alleys of Mykonos Town you can discover the «hidden» coffee bars and taverns.
Mykonos Town is also the starting point for all public busses, bringing visitors to the villages and beautiful beaches.


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